Banana Nice Cream

Homemade seed & banana nice cream!! 🍌 OK HEAR ME OUT. I saw this ad on Facebook the other day claiming you can freeze bananas and blend them and make ice cream. 🍦 My first thought was “there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY this works.” I was so wrong. Not only does it work, it is fantastically delicious and has the perfect texture 🍨


4 frozen bananas
1 tsp silk almond milk
1 tbsp Bae’s Butters pumpkin seed matcha butter
1 small handful true california red walnuts (from my Clean.Fit Box)


1. Freeze 4 banana
2. Blend the bananas with the big butter and almond milk. This process is time consuming and difficult. I would suggest using a powerful food processor
3. Mix in walnuts
4. Put in reusable container and place in freezer
5. Re-freeze for 1-1.5 hours
6. Add more toppings and enjoy!